Tapas Travels, Spanish teaching resource

Welcome to Tapas Travels!


Tapas Travels is a Spanish teaching resource consisting of 21 original books, accompanying songs and resources to transport children in EYFS, KS1 & KS2 through the language, life and culture of Spain and Latin America.

Meet the Tapas Travels team, eight culinary characters from diverse regions of Spain, who make their way to Restaurant Sesame in Valencia to cook, work, go on adventures and have fun!

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Tapas Travels, Spanish teaching resource

Tapas Travels was created with the aim to make Spanish learning fun, creative and meaningful.


Food and drink based characters from all aspects of Spanish cultural life come together at Restaurant Sesame in Valencia, in the beautiful neighbourhood of El Carmen.

Here, they explore the healthy Mediterranean diet, the music, the art and vitality of this very special country whilst taking children on a Spanish language learning journey. 

Tapas Travels introduces children to Spain and the Spanish language in a lively way through stories, songs, rhymes, cooking, suggested activities and role play. It inspires a vast range of fun cross-curricular activities, so complements the whole curriculum! 

The set of 21 books is split into 3 sections, each more challenging than the last. The first set introduces the characters; the second set involves many restaurant-related adventures; and the third set introduces influences from the wider Spanish-speaking world. 

Each book is accompanied by recordings of the Restaurant Sesame song, printed and recorded copy of the Spanish alphabet, a recorded narration and an original song to which children can sing along!

21 books and accompanying CDs