Tapas Travels has been created by Early Years teaching experts who all live and work in Spain.

We built on extensive teaching experience and findings in cognitive and developmental research to make Tapas Travels the most effective language learning resource for EYFS, KS1 and KS2 possible... whilst keeping it fun, of course!

Jacqueline Morton

Jackie is based in Madrid. She works as an Early Years Consultant.

She created all of the characters and wrote the stories.

Marcel Beltrán

Marcel composed the music and voices all of the male characters. he works as a composer and music teacher in Madrid.

Amy Jo Doherty

Amy wrote the songs and is the voice of Senorita Sangria. Previously an Early Years teacher, Amy now works as a composer and song writer in Madrid.

Harriet Williams

Harriet was the co-editor of the books. 

She is currently a teacher of young children in Madrid.

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